Saturday, November 2, 2019

Study Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Study Skills - Essay Example With such an attitude, you can never achieve anything since you will feel that you are studying just to please someone else. Freeman (2002, p.44) suggests that the first thing you should instill within yourself is a positive attitude towards studying by setting your study goals, and developing appropriate means on how to achieve them. When I joined this institution as a first year student, I can confess that I too had a negative attitude towards studies because, I hated the act of going to class, listening to a lecturer, and then exams (Jones, 2003, p.102). I thought that if we only came to school to spend our time with friends and sharing our life experiences, then all could have been well. Unfortunately, the thought of exams and assessment tests really upset me. I already had developed a negative attitude as I attended lectures to wait for the lecturer to do his part, without even caring about what I had gained from the lecture. I rarely carried out my own research unless when orde red by a lecturer to do so. Moreover, I only studied for exams through cramming after which everything was gone and forgotten (Armstrong & Lampe, 2000, p. 64). Little did I know that school was preparing us for the challenging life out there, and it is meant for our own good. The education and training I have been exposed to in this institution has really changed my attitude as well as my perception towards studying. First, here you are introduced to an environment of freedom where you are expected to be responsible for your own actions (Freeman, 2002, p.44). At first, I felt that it was the best feeling ever since I was now of age and my parents/teachers had no full control over my life. I thought that life had presented to me a perfect opportunity to do all the craziest stuff I have been longing for in my life. Fortunately, with the endless words of advice from my lecturers and parents, I have learnt that society expects us to be morally and socially responsible individuals. I hav e been taught how to communicate, interact and live with other people effectively without any form of conflict among us. Furthermore, I have widened my knowledge and skills through the technical skills I have gained, to ensure that I will cope well with working in the real field out there (Jones, 2003, p.142). Whichever way you may look at it, it all streams to one thing; when my effort is demanded rather than required, I will struggle through to see that I have provided it no matter how I feel (Armstrong & Lampe, 2000, p. 88). This can looked at as an effort of trying to get things done, and it might not be the best way of doing things. I have learnt that the key thing into getting things done without much effort and struggle is motivation. Through motivation, everything you engage in will be enjoyable as you are likely to gain some satisfaction upon accomplishing it. However, before you get motivated you have to find your purpose in life. As a student my ambition is to be a great person in the future who the young generation will strive to emulate. Freeman (2002, p.67) asserts that this calls for a proper setting of priorities right from this moment. I have to know that I study to acquire more knowledge and skills so as to know how to face challenging situations that come my way, but not just for exams. I can clearly admit that personal

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