Thursday, October 31, 2019

Gallery Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Gallery Paper - Essay Example The contrast makes every item stand out. The artist has also used light colors in painting parts that get exposure to light and darker colors for parts that do not meet light. The artist has also used colors that characterize the items in real-life. For example, the skin of the people in the artwork is brown just as in real-life. Shape. The art entails many shapes that combine to form the people and objects on the picture. Since this picture is a representation of natural objects, the writer mostly uses freehand shapes. Such shapes, usually, consist of curved lines that are drawn or painted without the help of drawing instruments. Texture. The artist does not lose the texture of the objects despite the art being visual. It is full of visual impressions of texture. The clothes the two human beings are wearing have crescents and valleys that are not tactile, but visual. On the other hand, their bodies and the objects in the background also appear very smooth. Space. The artist creates an illusion of a third dimension by manipulating light, shading and overlap (Prince 13). The crescents on the clothes of the two human beings appear to overlap each other. Every crescent appears to be on top of the preceding one. The artist also creates a third dimension through using dark and light colors on different parts of the painting. For example, the woman’s forehead is bright while her cheeks are dark. Apart from shading, overlap and lighting, linear perspective also helps in the creation of the third dimension. For example, the windowpanes in the background vary in size depending on the proximity to the main picture. Harmony. The work has an extensive amount of harmony. The colors appropriately combine with each other. There is harmony between the colors of the clothes the two people are wearing. Besides the harmony in color, the shapes of the items are very consistent. In the background, the windowpanes are similar in size and color. The

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