Monday, November 18, 2019

Artist statement-lost wax casting Personal Statement

Artist -lost wax casting - Personal Statement Example For a top quality casting, one must use the finest materials in the market (Fred 11). The contrast of the poodle curving determination can be guaranteed by the carver’s skills (Richards 16). The poodles contrast should be appealing to everyone, and so it matters a lot. Careful and skilled curving will enhance the outcomes (Richards 18). The body posture in lost wax casting is supremely crucial because it also what determines of the poodles final looks (Richards 22). This simply means would you like the poodle to be in a standing, or lying flat position (Richards 22). The most challenging part in casting will occur in balancing, especially if the casting of the poodle is to occur in an upright position (Slobodkin 4). The reason behind this is that the feet are the one to hold all the body weight of the poodle reasoning that the feet are smaller compared to the body (Slobodkin 4). The feet base should be flat so as to enhance an upright position of a casted poodle (Slobodkin

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