Sunday, February 2, 2020

Locally Abundant' - Sustainable Food Documentary Essay

Locally Abundant' - Sustainable Food Documentary - Essay Example Agriculture is one current field wich require changing for the purpose of meeting the increase in demand. It is possible to terminate poverty, hunger and sustain food security without damaging the environment. To ensure that such an elaborate level becomes viable, there is need to utilize the water, energy, fertilizers, chemicals and lands (Steel, 2013). Organic farming is increasing and gaining popularity and is practiced in many countries in the world. Farmers who accept to use renewable resources and conserve the soil and water to prevent environmental pollution for the coming generation produce certified organic food. Organic meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products come from an animal, which are given growth hormones and antibiotics (Francis, 2012). These foods are produced without using artificial preservatives, synthetic pesticides, and fertilizers. Removing agrichemicals is not enough to turn conventional farming to organic farming. Organic farming is an active labor-intensive process. For instance, organic farmers use compost manure and practice crop rotation to nourish soil naturally and allow the soil to regenerate. Plants grow well in healthy soil and avoid being contaminated with pesticides (Steel, 2013). Organic farmers are careful about how they store and dispose of their animal waste in order not to pollute water and air. They crops that are suitable to the soil and climate. Organic farming promotes biodiversity since it allows the growth of more than one crop. Therefore preventing soil erosion and conserves energy (Francis, 2012). Moreover, it assists in reducing greenhouse gasses, which leads to global warming. Practicing organic farming is important since it is a humane treatment of animals especially poultry and cattle. They are fed by certified organic diet rather than depending on antibiotics to reduce diseases. They prevent diseases by ensuring the live a healthy lifestyle and

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