Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The Cultural Value Of Visual Art - 1982 Words

In this chapter I will look at the cultural value attributed to works of visual art that use destruction as a tool in their creation. Art that specifically and mindfully deals with destruction shows the complex process involved in a way that audiences can interact with. ‘Only up close do you see that a process of destruction is taking place which is as complex as the process of creation.’ (Dorment, 2001). When presented in a dedicated space and given the label of art, it becomes difficult and almost pointless to try and separate and distinguish what is destruction and what is creation as they amount to the same thing. Art created from destructive processes is valued when placed in spaces dedicated to cultural and artistic purposes.†¦show more content†¦Break Down was a project for which during a two-week period in 2001 the artist Michael Landy systematically destroyed every last one of his possessions. Destruction and deconstruction of artwork is used by many contemporary artists to improve, transform and challenge not only the physical materials they choose to work with but also preconceptions and aesthetics within society (Boldrick, 2013). Landy on the other hand took the process of destruction within art to a much more personal level. Once Artangel had selected his proposal for the project for funding, Landy began an inventory of his possessions; a task that he thought might take a few weeks but actually took three years to complete. The 7,227 items, including Landy’s car, passport and his entire collection of art (his own and other artists’) were systematically destroyed by a team of operatives using a custom built conveyor belt and machines to crush, shred and pulverize the objects until only powder remained. Landy says that he saw it as ‘the ultimate consumer choice †¦One way or other I m trying to get rid of myself, so it s kind of the ultimate way without actually dispensing of me.’ (Artangel, 2001) and regretted that, straight away after the project finished he had to go out and buy more products –a toothbrush, a pair of socks- and that he instantly fell back into

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