Saturday, December 7, 2019

Diagnostic Regarding Learning Motivation †

Question: Discuss about the Diagnostic Regarding Learning Motivation. Answer: Introduction: Reflective thinking by self-observation and self-assessment is an important strategy in teaching practice and for personal development. It helps in making correct and informed decisions (Zeichner Liston, 2013). One of the positive skills that will help me in my future prospect of teaching is communication. Communication is a way of sending or exchanging information (Erozkan, 2013). It forms the basis of education. The main role of the teacher is to impart knowledge to the students and understand their problems (Danielson, 2013). This is only possible through effective communication. I observed that many students hesitate to approach to the teachers in the class. This may be because the student is scared or not confident about the subject. However, the main reason I observed is lack of communication between the teacher and student (Owens, 2016). The teacher should be accessible to the student. This not only helps in solving problems faced by the students but also creating special bon d so as to understand the student better (Danielson, 2013). Every student is unique in their own kind and therefore the method for approaching each student should also be different (Danielson, 2012). As I observed in my class, some students readily socialize with everyone and are very active in classroom. Thus, it was easier to communicate with them and help them understand the concepts as well as solve the issues faced by them. However, there are some students that I observed who were extremely shy and afraid. In spite of being very bright students, fear, embarrassment or tension overpower them and ultimately affect the students development (Danielson, 2012). Approaching these students was a challenging task. I apply communication skill to deal with such students. I engage the students in different activities and motivate them to speak. Sometimes I communicate by writing on the board and motivating them to come up and answer. This helps in boosting the self-confidence of the student and also helps the students to come out of their shell (Owe ns, 2016). With better communication, I was able to impart knowledge and interact with the students to a greater extent. Through communication and body language, I was able to express care and concern for my students (Erozkan, 2013). The student finds it convenient to approach their teacher when they observe care and affection in the tone of voice of the teacher. With my communication skill, I not only aspire to better interact with the student and help in their growth and development but also to enhance my teaching skill. As I am better able to communicate with the students, the students find it easier to recommend changes. These will be helpful for my personal development and career growth in the future. References Danielson, C. (2012). Observing classroom practice.Educational Leadership,70(3), 32-37. Danielson, C. (2013).The framework for teaching: Evaluation instrument. Princeton, NJ: Danielson Group. Erozkan, A. (2013). The Effect of Communication Skills and Interpersonal Problem Solving Skills on Social Self-Efficacy.Educational Sciences: Theory and Practice,13(2), 739-745. Owens Jr, R. E. (2016). Language Development: An Introduction| Edition: 9.Instructor. Zeichner, K. M., Liston, D. P. (2013).Reflective teaching: An introduction. Routledge.

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